RARE is for Carnivores

By Eric Elkins

Grilled, blackened, griddled, roasted – if you love steak, you know the right preparation can be a sublime experience. The perfect char, where the Maillard Reaction results in that caramelized crust you love. The juicy first bite of an aged cut. The deep, smoky smell of steak on the grill. The meaty mouthfeel of a tender tidbit.


Now imagine the chance to try all the steaks, made with care by 20+ Denver chefs, each one paired with a carefully matched cocktail. One perfect bite after the other, followed by that spectacular sip to bring it all together, on a perfect summer night.


That’s what RARE, The Denver Steak Championships is all about. 


For one gorgeous August evening in the Galleria space at the DCPA, you can help judge the creations from some of the most talented chefs in the region as they compete to serve the perfect bites. From classics in the “Traditional Steak” category, with a side paired to each dish, to the wildly inventive “Creative Steak” entries, you’ll have the chance to try them all. 


“I’m already thinking about how good downtown is going to smell that night,” says Jeff Suskin co-owner of DiningOut Events, the folks behind summer stalwarts Chicken Fight Presented by Bud Light and Top Taco. “With all of those talented chefs grilling in the atrium, people from blocks around will suddenly feel very hungry. I love the idea of a downtown Denver summer food festival, complete with live music and steaks paired with cocktails.”


That’s right — while you wander from chef to chef, finishing each steak bite with a sip from another drink, you’ll also enjoy the sparkling sounds of local favorites Spinphony. Nothing says summer like a high-end grill-out with a live (electric) string quartet.  


With cuts provided by Meyer Natural Angus & Laura's Lean (offering all-natural humanely raised meats), you know Denver’s chefs will turn each steak into something special. If you love everything about Top Taco and Chicken Fight, then you know this final food festival will cap the season off perfectly.


Sound intriguing? Join DiningOut Events in partnership with Meyers Natural Angus, Stella Artois, and Laura’s Lean benefiting The Denver Health Foundation on August 15, starting at 6pm. 


Get yourself tix right away, because the price will increase as each level of early bird tickets is sold out. Tickets are already selling quickly, so don’t wait. Your mouth will thank you.

Jeff Suskin