At DiningOut Events, our mission is to create unique experiences to dazzle the senses. We transform each of our festival sites into an adult playground, full of culinary and auditory and experiential wonders. We are determined to surprise and delight festival-goers and sponsors alike by challenging ourselves to break the mold each and every year. We never rest on the laurels of a previous event’s success. Simply put, if our attendees aren’t picking their jaws off the floor, we haven’t done our job. Behind the scenes, we work to ensure that logistics are air-tight and that our sponsors are able to show up and enjoy the event right alongside attendees.  


DiningOut has been publishing elegant magazines and guides to regional dining across the USA since 1998. In over 20 years of business, we have focused on serving as a 360-degree marketing resource for our advertising clients. In 2014, we segued into event production as yet another means to provide platforms where our local eateries can shine.

Since then, DiningOut Events has developed a diverse line-up of its own themed food festivals, including TOP TACO and CHICKEN FIGHT and has lent its culinary production experience to some of the largest events in Colorado: a Food Truck Festival at Velorama (30,000 attendees), a BBQ Festival at LoHi BazaarBQ (25,000 attendees) and all VIP services at The Grandoozy (60,000 attendees). DiningOut has also organized and produced various cocktail competitions such as The Garnish Games for Diageo Spirit